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Architectural and Building Surveying Services

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AJN Design and Surveying Services Ltd provide all the services a building owner needs to see a project through from concept design to managing  a building contract through to completion.

Architectural design is created using up to date design software that allows you to view your project not only on a flat paper copy but through 3D projections of the interior and exterior. We can also produce walkthroughs and lighting schemes to enhance your ability to make informed choices about your project. We work in all sectors Housing, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings.

Our Building Surveying Services encompass Land Surveys, Building Surveying ,Structural Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Condition Surveying, Estimating and Asbestos Surveying. Our highly experienced staff can produce your detailed report rapidly to aid you in making those crucial decisions. We have major experience in carrying out large scale surveys for utility companies producing a variety of FMECA and risk analysis reports

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